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Make a gift to support ‘SUBITIS’

Help us
change lives

We will make every donation you give count and ensure that your support is reaching the right hands!

What your donation will do

€25 Gift can provide

Children's gift pack

Children who have been displaced are most at danger. Give these children a better chance at life.

€50 Gift can provide

Clean Water

Marginalized people typically drink water that is 70% bacteria, leading to multiple serious diseases and ongoing chronic health issues.

€75 Gift can provide

Family pack

Many displaced families are compelled to abruptly abandon their homes, leaving everything they own behind them.

€75 Gift can provide

Winter pack

Winter cold can be very ruthless. Give a warming gift.

€50 Gift can provide

Protection for girls

Among the most vulnerable are girls who have had to abandon their homes.


To make a donation please fill out the form below and we will contact you to complete the payment.

Thank you for your support!


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Yes you will. For a one-off donation you will receive an instant receipt via email.

The vast majority of the private donors who provide us with funding are people just like you. Our ability to function freely and to react instantly to the most urgent catastrophes, frequently in forgotten nations and places, depends on private support.

If you would like to see your gift in action or have any other questions,
please contact us at 986-580-767 or donate@subitis.fr

In-kind donations

We appreciate support and donations of all kinds

The employees of SUBITIS are there for them on the front lines thanks to your kind support. They provide refugees with the protection, education, and critical assistance they need to have the lives they deserve, no matter where they are.

Your donation today could save a life. Please donate now.

To find out more informations about in-kind donations please contact us at 986-580-767, info@subitis.fr

“Many thanks to the SUBITIS’s team. They have helped me accept my disability and manage to do most things in everyday life on my own. Angela's guidance, experience and perspective was very valuable”